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Our landing page Marketing Strategy

What's a landing page?

Landing pages are separate, unique web pages designed specifically to generate leads.  Ads should most often be sent to a landing page so you are able to capture the prospects contact information. 


Don't loose a lead

Landing pages generate leads by providing a promised service or offer in exchange for their information.  This is the first step in converting a prospect into  a client.  The landing page should be focused, with no distractions from its one purpose.  The design must be intentional with attention paid to wording, call to action placement, colors and structure for full optimization.  A well-constructed landing page, coupled with valuable content and an automated email follow up campaign will mean big increases in lead generation. 

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Landing Page Strategy

RepEffect can use your existing services or products to develop customized landing pages for your company.

We can also develop a digital product for you to attract potential clients to your landing page.  The landing page will generate leads and build your audience to proceed with the sales process.

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