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Travel Agencies and Teams are businesses, and like any other business, Travel Agents need marketing and sales.  This is particularly true when we look at the number of competitors in each specialization and even the number of Agents focused on home sales. Marketing, Brand and Reputation drive your Agency’s image in the local markets in which you operate and bring clients to  your door

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We specialize in niche marketing for very specialized segments of the client population.  Identifying specific segments is essential to targeting ads specific to client needs.  We can even design your client communications to pre-qualify potential clients.  Even if you engage in more than one area of travel, each of those is a separate service, and we will help you develop a highly targeted marketing plan for each of them.

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We are particularly skilled at identifying and marketing to clients who are interested in:

  • Leisure Travel

  • Luxury Travel

  • Group Travel

  • Study Abroad

  • Corporate / Incentive Travel

  • Destination Weddings / Honeymoons

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Getting started with a marketing plan can seem overwhelming because there are so many options. 

Two things will set you apart:

1. Conducting a self-evaluation that defines your firm and answers the questions of “what are we good at?” and “How is what we do different from our competitors?”

2. Developing a laser focus on specific clients will help you to extend your marketing budget and account for specific marketing efforts directed at specific types of clients.  

Recommendations For Getting Started

What specific types of marketing you want to engage in, determine the types of tactics and tools used to reach your audience. A few tactics that can help strengthen your position and meet your goals might include:

Competitor Analysis

Website Design 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)


We use PPC, remarketing, social media advertising and SEO together to create both long and short term client traffic.  Online marketing is all about communicating value and moving clients through a value chain or funnel.  While some clients may be ready to act now, others are looking for answers and may require nurturing before you can convert them into a client.  We’ll show you how to build a consistent flow of leads to generate clients now and for the long term.

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While we use social media in a lot of ways, our best social media product is Facebook and Instagram sales funnels.  We find very specific targeted audiences and tailor messages to fit those audiences, then we set up a nurturing plan to turn those targets into customers.

You should not be advertising on every social media platform.  While you can have a presence on each platform, and create posts that provide awareness, there are specific strategies that work well for service providers on some of the platforms and don’t work at all on others.

Absolutely! SEO is all about content.  Your content must provide value, and that content needs to be updated regularly.  Content can be in the form of articles, blogs, web-site information, and linked content.  The best content informs and educates site viewers.  SEO depends on a number of other factors as well, but content is King!

Yes.  We can typically help you start generating new leads within a week of on-boarding, however, it takes time to create efficiencies.  Through A/B testing and improving SEO, we work to continuously improve your customer acquisition costs.  It usually takes about 6 months to create a stabilized campaign that brings in consistent client flows that we can start relying on to develop growth projections.

Print is not entirely dead, but more and more, ad spend is moving online.  As of 2020, 53% of total ad spend is online.  The strategies that work well in online advertising are very different than print, television, radio, or billboard advertising.  Each has its place and can be used strategically for some service providers, but online marketing now represents the bulk of the marketplace.

For new businesses, the best advice is to develop a marketing plan with specific written goals and objectives.  Define your customer.  Then develop a consistent monthly marketing budget and continuously test and tweak the plan until your marketing efforts become more robust and start delivering on your objectives.

We are a full service agency with a focus on digital marketing.  We provide a complete set of marketing services that include all aspects of the digital space and traditional marketing as well.  We develop campaigns that integrate our clients objectives and pull from the best of each of the various modalities to create a holistic strategy.

We are proud of our successes with our clients.  Our entire business is centered on our client’s success.  While we are capable of generating leads for almost any business, generating leads alone is not how we define success.  We have great success with the clients we partner with, partly because of our vetting process, and partly because of our focus on providers with unique services. If you are simply copying the plethora of other service providers in your industry, you need to rethink your business model.  While we are selective with the clients we on-board, we want to be sure that our marketing services are a fit for your business, and that your unique product and service offerings are a good fit for us.

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