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Our Pay Per Click Strategy

Google Ads

Pay Per Click advertising can be quite cost effective.  The average cost per click for a Google display network ad is about $2.37* (of course this depends a lot on industry and competition).  Google delivers an 8:1 ROI on average ad spend for a small to mid sized business ($9,000-10,000 per month in ad spend)*.  The average conversion rate on Google Ads is .08%-2.47%*.

We use multiple strategies on Google for getting leads right now, but we also have nurturing strategies for those clients who aren’t quite ready to buy.  A remarketing strategy is essential to capture this audience, and we can re-target these potential clients through both Google and other Social media platforms like Facebook, TouTube, Linked-In or Instagram.

Paid Ads on
Social Media

Other sites, such as Facebook, use paid advertising as well.  There is a delicate balance to be found when using a combination of Google Ads and Social Media Marketing.  Testing Ads, ad copy, videos and images and testing budgets on each platform for each type of advertising is essential in maximizing your daily ad budget, keywords, etc. to zero in on the best ROI possible.

Typically we use several different strategies to drive traffic depending on the objectives of our clients.  While sending people to a website seems logical, it is no longer a cost effective strategy.  Do you want leads right now? Do you want to maximize cost and response per click? Let us help.

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized PPC Strategy

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Linked-In Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Remarketing Strategy
  • A/B Testing
  •  Ad Design
  • Headlines
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Image Strategies 
  • Video Ad Strategy
  • Understand the Hook, the offer, and the Call to Action.

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