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Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Power of referrals

The power of word of mouth marketing should not be underestimated.  People are 4Xs more likely to become a client when referred by a friend.*  Trust is particularly important when people are making large purchases.  Consumers in these situations are 2-10 times more likely to rely on word of mouth than paid media.*

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How do you optimize referrals? 50% of people are more likely to give a referral of if offered an incentive or access to a rewards program.  Our program can help you track referrals and manage their incentive and reward programs with little effort from you.  

Your past clients will be incentivized to refer you at every opportunity and you’ll be a hero when they receive their rewards!

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Referral Marketing Strategy

When referrals are combined with branding and digital marketing, the results are amazing.  Word of mouth has been proven to improve marketing effectiveness by up to 54%.*  On top of that, 49% of consumers in the US say friends and family are their number  one source of brand awareness.*

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