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Finding talent to add to your team can br a long and costly prospect.  It now takes a average of 27 days to make a new hire.  Those unfilled positions are costing you in lost revenue, money from mistakes make by employees doing too much to cover and low office morale.  

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Not only do you have to worry about your current employees while trying to find a new hire, but statistics show the best candidates are off the market in 10 days!

With all these obstacles, the average cost to hire a new employee has risen to  a whopping $4,000!

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Talent Marketing Strategy

Today recruiting has become more and more like marketing.  Candidates need to be treated like leads.  A funnel should be implemented with a full marketing plan.  Prospects need to be sent relevant content at the appropriate times.  Social media should be employed as well.  A vast majority (91%) of employers are using social media to hire talent.  A comprehensive marketing plan is imperative in today’s market to find top, qualified talent

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